ABOUT The Australian Blues And roots Airplay Charts

The Australian Blues And Roots Airplay Charts (ABARAC) were started in January 2010 and are compiled each month from the music Independent Radio presenters from around Australia are playing on their shows. The chart continues to grow and has over 40 contributing presenters (as of January2018) from over 30 stations around Australia ... and growing!

To view details of current contributing presenters please visit the contributors page of this website

The charts create a co-operative of presenters who...

1. can inform each other of new Australian music releases
2. share information about local artists in their area
3. increase a listener awareness to music that is not programmed by an algorithm but by real people
4. promote independent/small label Australian blues & roots music
5. create a discussion forum for presenters and artists
6. create a collective of presenters who are willing to play good music from independent Australian artists

ABOUT Anthony Moulay (Originator and coordinator of the charts)

My introduction to presenting a radio show started back in High School days when Steve, the main presenter, invited a few friends to "help" him present his show...this all starting at 2NCR*, the community radio station in Lismore, NSW in 1980. 

This never eventuated into a career in radio for me but I have always been passionate about music and especially Australian music. I started as a new presenter on BayFM in Byron Bay back in 2000 after returning to the North coast area of NSW with my young family. The show I started with was a fairly eclectic music show with features on artists from many different genres and various other themes. This lead to a rediscovery of blues music and a show called Red Hot & Cool which we started to present after its former presenter left the station. Ken Hughes and myself have been presenting this show on BayFM since 2003. 

I started submitting our playlists to Living Blues Magazine in the USA back in 2006 but rarely saw that Australian artists made it onto the charts so decided to try and start our own version for Australian artists and Australian presenters. The chart was modelled on the Living Blues charts which are compiled by Jim McGrath and we started our one in 2010. This has become the Australian Blues & Roots Airplay Charts you see here.

*2NCR is now known as River FM

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